Wednesday, August 31, 2011

China Glaza - 2NITE

So I recently just received my first holos in a swap with Gia from Bottles and Bottles of Polish. I was totally not worthy of them but I am so happy I have them! I got OMG and 2NITE in the swap and could not wait to use 2NITE. Blue is my favorite color and a blue holo is just amazing!



I also got a new camera for my bday so I am playing around with it a bunch. I will be sad to take this polish off. It almost feels like a sin to even take it off. I want to thank Gia again because without her gifting these to me I would have never had the chance myself to get these. On another note my nails are getting really long. Well for me this is super long. I am usually a nubbins kind of gal but mine have not broke off yet and they are staying strong. I also got my first cuticle remover, CND Cuticle Away, and I love it! I have never used a cuticle remover before and I think I am a tad addicted now! Well back to school work. I would much rather blog........

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Massive Birthday Haul! (Pic Heavy)

So I posed the question yesterday if anyone would like to see my ginormous Birthday Hau.! The overall consensus was YES! Some of these polishes were gifts, some I bought, and some were from a swap with a fellow blogger. So without further ado:

Steady As She Rose, Skull & Glossbones, Planks A Lot, Mermaid's Tears, Stranger Tides

Be A Dahlia Won't You, Come To Poppy, Play The Peonies, I Lily Love You

Swimsuit..Nailed It!, It's My Year, Crown Me Already, Congeniality Is My Middle Name
Pirates of the Caribbean, Nice Stems, and Miss Universe Collections were gifted to me by my mommy! I love them all! The Pirates Collection is pretty universal as well as seasons go. I have seen a lot of Pirates shades repeated by other brands for their fall collections. I love pink polish so I had to have the Nice Stems Collection because I loved them all equally. The Miss Universe Collection is a big standout for me because the colors are so awesome in person. Swimsuit..Nailed It! is a great color blue and I don't have any thing like it. And Crown Me Already is freakin AHHHMAZING!
Cracked Medallion, Party Hearty, Phat Santa, Jolly Holly
I picked up these pretties at a salon. The only Cracked Metals they had left were this one and the blue one. Good thing I wanted the gold one! I also found this China Glaze Gift Set that was from last year I guess. The Party Hearty is so awesome in person and this makes me want Christmas time to come already.

Glow In The Dark Top Coat, Pumpkin Spice, Yara, Chinchilly

I picked up Glow and the Dark Polish, Pumpkin Spice, and Yara at Ulta. It was my first time going there and while I did not find the polish I wanted (Orly Fowl Play) I had a lot of fun trying. Ulta is a pretty cool store and I loved their selection of polishes. I have been lusting after Zoya Yara for sometime and am so happy I got it.

Guy Meets Gal-veston, My Private Jet, Uh-Oh Roll Down The Window, DS Magic
I got all of these polishes myself for different reasons. I love the sorbet/jellies from the Texas Collection and I had to have this one too. My Private Jet is a pretty awesome polish nothing like I have ever seen. Okay so I got Uh-Oh Roll Down The Window because of the name mostly but I really have been looking for a great army green. I got DS Magic because the Boyfriend picked it out and it is now on my toes! It's Super Pretty!
No Tag? DS Designer?, DS Dazzle, ??, Zoya - Miley
Okay so this was a total luck find. My mom's boss had this display of polishes and most of them (all of them!!) were separating and looked really sad. Of Course I had to look at all of the polishes and found these beauties. Now I got Zoya Miley because my BF's niece is Miley and I always do her nails. I picked up the other three because frankly they had silver tops and I am no dummy. I believe the first polish is DS Designer upon Google searching but please correct me if I am wrong it had no tag :( The second bottle did have a tag and it said DS Dazzle and boy does it ever its gorge! Now the third bottle is a wrong polish I'm pretty sure the color is ugly but it had a silver top so I wanted it. The tag said DS Signature but it is not. Oh well. I think I will manage. haha
OMG, 2NITE, Midnight Cami, Velvet Seas
Okay so these babies were given to me in a swap by Gia from Bottle and Bottles of Polish. I say given because I was totally not worthy, but was so gracious in receiving them. These really are the holy grail of polishes. I went from no holos to 3 holos in one 300 mile trip. I have to say these are my favorite and I have 2NITE on right now and will have pics up soon. I love it so much. I can not thank her enough!

Whew that was a lot! I have a serious addiction and the point I realized it was when I kept going back into my bags and looking at all the polish I had, before I had even got home. I did a lot more fun and exciting things while on my mini vacay. I did not just buy polish.

Here is proof I did other things. I ate a amazing meal at Rigazzi's on The Hill is St. Louis. We also went gambling and Mr. Won $45 and I won $25! We did pretty well and it makes it a lot easier to justify all the polish I bought! Needless to say it was an amazing Birthday weekend! If you guys have any polish you would like to see first just let me know in comments below.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Question Time...

So I just got back from my parents house. I went up there for my birthday weekend. I was an absolute spoiled brat and came home with over 30 polishes. Now some are these were gifts some I bought and some were from a polish swap I had set up with a fellow blogger. My question is do you guys want to see my ginormous haul or would it be over kill????? Let me know in comments below!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Jelly Sammich - B-Day Mani 1st Choice

So I wanted to show you what my first b-day mani was until I decided that I would try the Cupcake Mani. I love me a great Jelly Sandwich and I have had this Sally Hansen In The Spotlight Glitter forever and have not used it. I soon found why I have left it sitting forever. It's beyond hard to get the glitter from the bottle to the nail. I had to do about 3 coats which ended up looking like I had a double decker sandwich on my nails because of the thickness.

I used a base of Revlon Royal and then layered 3 coats of Sally Hansen In the Spotlight on top of that. I then finished off my mani by using one more very thin layer of Revlon Royal. You can tell in the bottle more that this glitter is long rectangular holographic glitter. While it is beautiful it is not practical if you ever want your mani to dry! I am glad I tried the cupcakes because while this is beautiful it is not cupcake material.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Wet n Wild - The Wonder Yellows

Today I have just a quick post as I am still visiting with my mom! I have Wet n Wild The Wonder Yellows. This polish is pretty fantastic and so is the name! I have seen my fair share of Wonder Years reruns. I always liked that show I wish they still had it on. This yellow polish is so pretty it is a yellow foil polish that has a shine like no other. The glitter in this is very fine and really sparkles in the sun. Something about bright yellow nails that just make you happy!

This is two coats of Wet n Wild The Wonder Yellows. There is a slight VNL but I don't mind when the polish is this pretty. I can not wait to use this in a great water marble or splatter mani.

**Polish Sent for Review

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Turning 25 on the 25th! Cupcake Mani

I am 25 Today!!! Well today is my b-day and I had the hardest time trying to figure out what to do with my nails. I even went so far as to ask my followers what to do and the response was cupcakes. I really doubted myself that I could even do it. I sat down with some paper and attempted to do this on paper before I went ahead with my nails. Needless to say it worked out well on paper so to my nails it went.

I have to say I absolutely love it! It turned out so well and they actually look like cupcakes. I used quite a few polishes for this mani. The Base of the whole mani is Wet n Wild Tickled Pink. The frosting was made by using Wet n Wild French White Creme. The hearts on top the cupcake are glitter pieces from Love My Nails Crazy For You. I used L.A. Colors Art Deco Black Striper on the bottom of the cupcakes. For the cupcakes I used:

Purple - Sinful Colors Beverly Hills
Blue - Sinful Colors Paradise
Yellow - Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow
Pink - China Glaze Shocking Pink
Green - Sinful Colors Savage

Well I am going to enjoy my b-day I have a lot of shopping planned as well as getting my hair cut!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Half Moon Mani

Today I have the near impossible Half Moon Mani. Now before you go and wonder how did she do this, I must tell you these are once again Inspired Nails Decals. The set actually has black half moons and black tips as well but I saved the black tips for later :) These decals can be purchased on the Inspired Nails Website for only $5.00 for a half set(which is 12 decals). A full set is 24 and that is $10.00. These are a great buy because you can cute off the half moon part and use them separately or together.

Now not to make anyone mad but I have yet to see a super successful half moon mani. They are so hard to do. I personally have tried and have failed miserably. I found that these decals were just the ticket and gave me the look I desired. I used my favorite new polish, Finger Paints Art You Wondering?, as a base for my decal. Don't forget to take advantage of my coupon code for 15% OFF you purchase at Inspired Nails.

**Decals Sent For Review

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wet n Wild - Orange

Hello Everyone! Today I have for you Wet n Wild Orange. This is a beautiful orange jelly polish packed with gold glitter. I do not have very mani orange polishes at all in my personal stash and I don't know why! Everytime I put on a orange polish I fall in love with it. I can say I am in love with this polish right now.

I used two coats for the photo above. I love how the light reflects this sparkly polish. Well school started yesterday and I can honestly say I'm ready for the holidays already! I am excited to be leaving for vacation for the weekend. I can't wait to go visit my parents it's been forever since I have seen my mom and I miss her. We are going to shop til we drop so I hope she is ready. My b-day is Thursday and I have no idea what to do with my nails. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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**Polishes sent for review

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sinful Colors Happy Ending

Quick Post Today as it is the first day of school and the assignments are rolling in. I bought this polish and another at the Walgreen's .99 cent Sinful Colors Sale last week. I would have picked up more but Walgreen's got me with the sale they threw a week earlier with 3/$4 polishes. I would have to say that Sinful Colors Happy Ending would be my favorite polish I have picked up from Sinful Colors in a long time.

This polish is a beautiful lime color with a great golden shimmer. This was two coats of Happy Ending and and a coat of Seche.
So my BF likes to read all the names to my polishes, and he thought this one was pretty great. I'm sure you can only imagine what other things were said. He tends to run with things. I really liked this polish a lot except for the fact that I had horrible tip wear the day after. I guess I will have to use a couple coats of Seche next time. Oh and one more complaint. Does it seem like it takes Sinful Color cremes like 10 years to dry to you too? It seems like they never dry sometimes like they stay sticky. Well that's enough ranting for one day. I hope you guys have a great Monday!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Black Lace and Corsets

Happy Friday guys! Today I have another Inspired Nails Decal set I received. If you purchase these from the site you can get 2 sets of each design which is 24 in total for $10.00. You can also still use my coupon code PolishDiary15 for 15% off.

I used e.l.f Desert Haze underneath the decals. I really like the way it turned out and I think they look kind of I really like the way these ones turned out. You guys must check out Inspired Nails and see their whole selection there is so many. I hope they get some new stuff for Halloween (hint* hint* Eileen) because that would make for some fun nails! Well I hope you all have a great weekend. Also if anyone is interested in guest posting next week email me! I will be on vacation and would love to showcase some other blogs and some other types of nail art. If you are interested just email me and we can set it up.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sinful Colors - Nail Junkie

Another Sinful Colors for you this week. I picked this up in last weeks sale they had on Sinful Colors but this week they are 99 cents! I love this color Nail Junkie almost as much as I love the name. This polish is a teal green sheer base packed with tons of iridescent and gold glitter. This polish is very sheer but I built it up to four coats to show that it is possible to wear this polish alone.

I also wanted to show you this polish over something else and I have to say the idea was better in my head. I used Don't Mess With OPI as a base and layered two coats of Sinful Colors Nail Junkie over it.

It does not look horrible just not the effect I was going for. I think it would have looked better if the color was more of an army green. I will have to try it again over a darker polish maybe I will like it more.

Have you purchased any goodies from the Sinful Colors Sale this week?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sinful Colors - Timbleberry

Quick Post Today. I picked this up at Walgreen's last week when they had the 3/$4 coupon. Sinful Colors Timbleberry is a perfect coral color. I actually really enjoyed the formula on this polish. I like the new Sinful Color Cremes. The are usually opaque in two coats, one if you are lucky. The only downside of these polishes is the drying time.

Sorry for blurry pic but it was color correct.
Coral was huge this summer and I have quite the collection for next summer. I have to admit I am ready for some fall colors. I have a thing for dark vampy polishes.

What are your favorite go to fall shades?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Plaid Mani

I recently saw the plaid collection at Walgreen's that Sinful Colors had. I really wanted to try it out for myself with some colors of my own. Although I should go pick them up now because Sinful Colors is 99 cents for this week. I used Sinful Colors Beverly Hills as a base for all the nails. I could not get this color to photograph well. Big SHOCK there. Good news is that my B-day is in 10 days and I'm getting a new camera. So hopefully I will be able to photograph purples! I also used a black striper and a Sinful Colors Striper that is the same polish as Sinful Colors Dream On.

I don't know if they really look like plaid but I like how they turned out. Are you guys stocking up this week in the Sinful Colors sale?

Friday, August 12, 2011

I've Got The Blues Week - Starry Night Nails

Today is Day 5 of I've Got The Blues Week and while my nails are not totally blue I knew you guys would love these. Mr. van Gogh's Starry Night painting is translated into nail decals. I got these amazingly cool decals from Inspired Nails. I saw these on the site and did not know how well they would translate onto nails.

My Thumb - Sorry for the dry cuticles. They are a mess.
I have to say these are pretty freakin cool. I love how all the nails are different. You guys seriously have to check out Inspired Nails. The decals I received were just the tip of the ice berg, there are so much more on the site. You can even personalize your own decals with your own pics. See the site for more details. I find this to be a great DIY minx type product. It gives you all the variety without having to be a pro or have expensive tools. These decals are almost like tattoos for your nails, and the possibilities are endless.

*Product sent for review

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I've Got The Blues Week - OPI Blue Shatters

Today is Day 4 of I've Got The Blues Week and I have blue shatters to show you today. First up is OPI Blue Shatter over China Glaze Up All Night.

Next up is my favorite OPI Shatter, Navy! I just love the look of this Shatter it resembles ink and love the way it looks. I layered OPI Navy Shatter over Sinful Colors Paradise.

I loved how these pairings turned out. My boyfriend loved the Navy Shatter combo as well so I decided to wear it for a full mani. I hope you guys are still enjoying my I've Got The Blues Week series. I am having fun trying to concoct new manis. Tomorrow I have a special treat via Inspired Nails Decals. Make sure you take advantage of my exclusive 15% Off coupon code!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I've Got The Blues Week - Water Marble

Today is day 3 of I've Got The Blues Week and I have a great water marble to show you today. For the water marble I used Sinful Colors Paradise and Pure Ice French Kiss.

I really liked how this water marble turned out despite the difficulties I had with these polishes in the process. The Pure Ice polish did not want to spread so I had to keep trying different water temps. The colors look pretty together and my Seche Topcoat is SHINYY! I'll be back tomorrow with more great blue polishes!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I've Got The Blues Week - Pure Ice French Kiss

Hi Guys! Here is I've Got The Blues Day 2! I have to show you today a great mani I did. I started off with one coat of this great Pure Ice polish called French Kiss. I then used my China Glaze Matte Magic to mattify my nails. I then used a bobby pin to make the clear dots.

I love this polish and plan to wear it again soon. It was opaque in one coat. Can you believe that? I was pretty astonished it's like a very true blue creme polish. Love how this turned out but the nails remind me of a blue Muno from Yo Gabba Gabba. If you have kids you probably know what I'm talking about. I do not have kids but my niece was obsessed with these guys a couple years back. I hope you guys are enjoying I've Got The Blues Weeks so far. I have much more great blues coming!

Monday, August 8, 2011

I've Got The Blues Week - Revlon Royal

Hi Guys! So I'm kicking off my week long series "I've Got The Blues". This whole week I will be featuring blue polishes new and old. My favorite color is blue and I am always drawn to a great blue polish. Revlon Royal is a fabulous royal blue jelly polish.

Isn't is beautiful! I had seen this polish on a few blogs and debated whether not to get it. I had fun with my nails at work yesterday as well. I work for a photo company inside the Titanic Museum that uses chroma key screens for photos. We have a chroma key blue screen and so I took a pic of my hand in front of it and I super imposed the grand staircase on my nails! I meant to bring it home to show you guys but I left it at work and well I don't really want to go back to that place. Maybe I will show you guys that this weekend. Be sure to check back all this week for some cool blue polishes and some great nail "art"!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Zoya Giveaway via Never Unpolished

I wanted to let you guys know about a great giveaway that Never Unpolished is hosting. You can win your very own set of Zoya Fall 2011 Smoke & Mirrors Collection. Click HERE for details.

Rimmel - Steel Gray

Hi guys! Hope your weekend has been fantastic so far. I have been busy with work lately so I have not posted in some time but I have a great polish to show to you today. Although I would classify this polish as a fall shade I just love it, and wear it all the time. Rimmel Steel Gray is a putty color with a hint of grey.

I guess I am ready for fall. I have to say I am pretty sick of this heat. It is miserable out there! Ready for fall and sweaters and jeans. I also have something fun planned for The Polish Diary this next week. I am doing "I Have The Blues" week featuring some great blue polishes new and old! Blue is my most absolute favorite color and I am excited to show you guys. Well enjoy what's left of the weekend and check back all next week for some great new posts!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Inspired Nails Decals Short Tutorial + Fair Pic

Well I wanted to show you this amazing pic I snapped at the Fair the other night. It's Deep Fried PB&J! And it was so amazing. It was a Uncrustable dipped in funnel cake batter and deep fried. Which sounds like heaven and it tasted like it too!

Now as promised I have a small tutorial on how to apply Inspired Nails Fusion Decals.
All the decals arrived in an envelope. Sneak peak of some of the other designs I have left to try.
Cut Decals to desired length

I filled a water bottle cap full of water and dipped my decals in the cap for about 15 seconds or until paper is soaked.
 After taking the decal out of the water place the decal face down on your finger and gently slide the paper backing off. It kind of reminded me of a temporary tattoo.

It was quite easy to place the decal. They were stronger than I thought they were and I roughed them up a bit and they still held their shape. The bits around the nails were easily peeled off when my nails were completely dry.

These were pretty cool and I could definitely say that I could have never attempted this nail art on my own. Check out Inspired Nails for many more decals and don't forget to use our exclusive coupon code for 15% Off.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Inspired Nails Fusion Decals

I received these great decals in the mail the other day from and could not wait to try them out. I have never used a decal before of any kind so I was a tad bit nervous as to how they would turn out. I think they turned out pretty good and the Inspired Nails Decal was really easy to use. I also wanted to share some exciting news that The Polish Diary has a exclusive coupon code for 15% OFF your entire purchase!

Inspired Nails has so many different designs of their nail decals. I have some more to try out over the next few weeks. They even have customizable ones as well. Eileen over at Inspired Nails has also let me know that they are going to begin to sell half sets of their decals which means you can try them out for $5.00 or $4.25 if you use my code! Half sets are not what they sound either they are 12 Decals. Full Sets are 25 and most are $10. The decals are big enough for multiple uses on small nubbins and are even big enough for your toes! They are adding new styles all the time and here are a preview of the ones I have left to try!
The one I have to try is Black/Clear, so I can tailor the gold part in the picture to whatever color I want with polish . If you are like me all my half moon manis have only ended in a mega fail. This would be a good option if you have had the same problems as me. You can even trim off the black tip so only the black half moon is left.
This pack has two designs for only 10 dollars. These are both half sets already. You can mix these decals or wear them as a complete set. You also have the option to do nail art by cutting the decals into whatever shapes and sizes you want. These are going to look super sexy over nude polish.<----Boyfriends words not mine.haha
AHHH!!! These are so cool! They are not just this one decal repeated, it's the whole painting over 5 nails. They are amazing and I can not wait to try them!

I will have a tutorial post of tomorrow of this dot mani in case you are curious as to how these work!

Happy Shopping Guys!

 You can also follow Inspired Nails on Twitter, and Facebook!
 *These decals were sent for honest review.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Styled On Contest - Vote for Me!

Hello Everyone! If you could take the time to vote for my Drippy Mani for the Styled  On Hard as Nails DIY competition on facebook it would make me so happy.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Reverse Shatters

Happy Monday Everyone! Today I have a manicure that I had seen on another blog. I say another blog because I can not for the life of me find the mani anywhere. I forgot who posted it but I had to try it out myself. Imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery ya know! :)

I started off by polishing every other finger with Finger Paints Tiffany Imposter. I then used Wet n Wild Silvivor on the other nails.  On the nails I painted with Tiffany Imposter I used OPI Silver Shatter on them. Then on the nails I painted with Silvivor I used CG Crushed Candy Crackle. I had several people at work that asked me about my nails. They couldn't quite figure it out. I then had to explain which only complicated things further. I have had this in my head for the longest time since seeing it on "someones" blog. It was a super quick mani and I really liked how it turned out.

Edited to add: Thank you Paint That Nail that jump started my memory back and let me know that Kellie From Also Known As... was the creator of this amazingly beautiful mani. Thanks Kellie!