Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Massive Birthday Haul! (Pic Heavy)

So I posed the question yesterday if anyone would like to see my ginormous Birthday Hau.! The overall consensus was YES! Some of these polishes were gifts, some I bought, and some were from a swap with a fellow blogger. So without further ado:

Steady As She Rose, Skull & Glossbones, Planks A Lot, Mermaid's Tears, Stranger Tides

Be A Dahlia Won't You, Come To Poppy, Play The Peonies, I Lily Love You

Swimsuit..Nailed It!, It's My Year, Crown Me Already, Congeniality Is My Middle Name
Pirates of the Caribbean, Nice Stems, and Miss Universe Collections were gifted to me by my mommy! I love them all! The Pirates Collection is pretty universal as well as seasons go. I have seen a lot of Pirates shades repeated by other brands for their fall collections. I love pink polish so I had to have the Nice Stems Collection because I loved them all equally. The Miss Universe Collection is a big standout for me because the colors are so awesome in person. Swimsuit..Nailed It! is a great color blue and I don't have any thing like it. And Crown Me Already is freakin AHHHMAZING!
Cracked Medallion, Party Hearty, Phat Santa, Jolly Holly
I picked up these pretties at a salon. The only Cracked Metals they had left were this one and the blue one. Good thing I wanted the gold one! I also found this China Glaze Gift Set that was from last year I guess. The Party Hearty is so awesome in person and this makes me want Christmas time to come already.

Glow In The Dark Top Coat, Pumpkin Spice, Yara, Chinchilly

I picked up Glow and the Dark Polish, Pumpkin Spice, and Yara at Ulta. It was my first time going there and while I did not find the polish I wanted (Orly Fowl Play) I had a lot of fun trying. Ulta is a pretty cool store and I loved their selection of polishes. I have been lusting after Zoya Yara for sometime and am so happy I got it.

Guy Meets Gal-veston, My Private Jet, Uh-Oh Roll Down The Window, DS Magic
I got all of these polishes myself for different reasons. I love the sorbet/jellies from the Texas Collection and I had to have this one too. My Private Jet is a pretty awesome polish nothing like I have ever seen. Okay so I got Uh-Oh Roll Down The Window because of the name mostly but I really have been looking for a great army green. I got DS Magic because the Boyfriend picked it out and it is now on my toes! It's Super Pretty!
No Tag? DS Designer?, DS Dazzle, ??, Zoya - Miley
Okay so this was a total luck find. My mom's boss had this display of polishes and most of them (all of them!!) were separating and looked really sad. Of Course I had to look at all of the polishes and found these beauties. Now I got Zoya Miley because my BF's niece is Miley and I always do her nails. I picked up the other three because frankly they had silver tops and I am no dummy. I believe the first polish is DS Designer upon Google searching but please correct me if I am wrong it had no tag :( The second bottle did have a tag and it said DS Dazzle and boy does it ever its gorge! Now the third bottle is a wrong polish I'm pretty sure the color is ugly but it had a silver top so I wanted it. The tag said DS Signature but it is not. Oh well. I think I will manage. haha
OMG, 2NITE, Midnight Cami, Velvet Seas
Okay so these babies were given to me in a swap by Gia from Bottle and Bottles of Polish. I say given because I was totally not worthy, but was so gracious in receiving them. These really are the holy grail of polishes. I went from no holos to 3 holos in one 300 mile trip. I have to say these are my favorite and I have 2NITE on right now and will have pics up soon. I love it so much. I can not thank her enough!

Whew that was a lot! I have a serious addiction and the point I realized it was when I kept going back into my bags and looking at all the polish I had, before I had even got home. I did a lot more fun and exciting things while on my mini vacay. I did not just buy polish.

Here is proof I did other things. I ate a amazing meal at Rigazzi's on The Hill is St. Louis. We also went gambling and Mr. Won $45 and I won $25! We did pretty well and it makes it a lot easier to justify all the polish I bought! Needless to say it was an amazing Birthday weekend! If you guys have any polish you would like to see first just let me know in comments below.


  1. My old boyfriend used to live in the Hill! I love St louis-lived there for 7 years in the loop on Delmar!! Very nice!

  2. That's an awesome haul!!!!

  3. Happy birthday and awesome haul. That mislabeled ds signature looks like ds illuminate to me. Does it have a greenish sheen to it? Enjoy!

  4. WOW, what a haul!!! I love the OMG !

  5. Awesome haul! Can't wait to see swatches!

  6. Love going there! I remember going there as a kid all the time!

  7. I don't know what to use first I love them all.... Nail Polish Blogger Problems :)

  8. Hi Stephanie! I'm a new follower! I noticed you went to Rigazzi's! I'm from St. Louis (St. Charles, actually!). I love Rigazzi's (actually, just about any restaurant on The Hill is sure to please!). Where are you from? Do you visit St. Louis often?

    1. I live in Branson currently but my mom and dad still live in Lincoln Couonty! Not to far from you at all. I have been meaning to get up there. Maybe withing the next month.