Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Inspired Nails Fusion Decals

I received these great decals in the mail the other day from and could not wait to try them out. I have never used a decal before of any kind so I was a tad bit nervous as to how they would turn out. I think they turned out pretty good and the Inspired Nails Decal was really easy to use. I also wanted to share some exciting news that The Polish Diary has a exclusive coupon code for 15% OFF your entire purchase!

Inspired Nails has so many different designs of their nail decals. I have some more to try out over the next few weeks. They even have customizable ones as well. Eileen over at Inspired Nails has also let me know that they are going to begin to sell half sets of their decals which means you can try them out for $5.00 or $4.25 if you use my code! Half sets are not what they sound either they are 12 Decals. Full Sets are 25 and most are $10. The decals are big enough for multiple uses on small nubbins and are even big enough for your toes! They are adding new styles all the time and here are a preview of the ones I have left to try!
The one I have to try is Black/Clear, so I can tailor the gold part in the picture to whatever color I want with polish . If you are like me all my half moon manis have only ended in a mega fail. This would be a good option if you have had the same problems as me. You can even trim off the black tip so only the black half moon is left.
This pack has two designs for only 10 dollars. These are both half sets already. You can mix these decals or wear them as a complete set. You also have the option to do nail art by cutting the decals into whatever shapes and sizes you want. These are going to look super sexy over nude polish.<----Boyfriends words not mine.haha
AHHH!!! These are so cool! They are not just this one decal repeated, it's the whole painting over 5 nails. They are amazing and I can not wait to try them!

I will have a tutorial post of tomorrow of this dot mani in case you are curious as to how these work!

Happy Shopping Guys!

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 *These decals were sent for honest review.


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