Friday, August 19, 2011

Black Lace and Corsets

Happy Friday guys! Today I have another Inspired Nails Decal set I received. If you purchase these from the site you can get 2 sets of each design which is 24 in total for $10.00. You can also still use my coupon code PolishDiary15 for 15% off.

I used e.l.f Desert Haze underneath the decals. I really like the way it turned out and I think they look kind of I really like the way these ones turned out. You guys must check out Inspired Nails and see their whole selection there is so many. I hope they get some new stuff for Halloween (hint* hint* Eileen) because that would make for some fun nails! Well I hope you all have a great weekend. Also if anyone is interested in guest posting next week email me! I will be on vacation and would love to showcase some other blogs and some other types of nail art. If you are interested just email me and we can set it up.


  1. Your nails look great!! I really like the black lace over a nude polish too. A few Halloween designs are up on the site and more are coming in the next few days. :-)

  2. i love the way they turned out also, its very sexy and nude and just yummers
    Breezeybee Blog

  3. I like this design! So girly and sexy:D With another colors it can be beautiful too! Great job!