Sunday, May 29, 2011

Water Marble Virgin No More!

So I got inspired by my last post and decided to try the marble nails for myself. First off let me say that I love the results but I got extremely frustrated at times because the polish would not do as I wanted to. I started with a fully opaque white for the base of the water marble. I wanted to go with neon colors because I was feeling extra summer-y. I went with my China Glaze Shocking Pink (Sally's), Sally Hansen Blue Me Away! (Wal-Mart), and Pure Ice Wild Thing (Wal-Mart). My first couple nails went pretty well and I even got the flower that you see on the first picture but that is where the fun ended. First it started by getting polish on my forehead because I was trying to do too much at once. I also at one point dropped the whole entire neon pink brush into the water with other paints in there. That was a huge mess but I must say in my defense holding the brush with scotch tape fingers is not that easy. I was so lucky to have my boyfriend at home with me because he was my assistant for the THREE HOUR process. He helped clean all my mistakes up and even helped me drop some of the paint in the cup. The biggest disaster came via a huge whole in the bottom of the cup. Water was everywhere and once again the boyfriend came to my rescue so I did not mess up the nails I already had done. The hardest part I found with the actual technique is getting the paint to make the design I want. Any suggestions for perfecting the design would be much obliged. The pictures are not the best. It was hard for me to get true colors in my house and pardon the mess I am still getting it off my cuticles.

Verdict: I would do this again because I like the results. I think that practice will only help me. I will definitely be picking a day that my boyfriend is off! : )

Right Hand
Left Hand

 Has anyone else tried this? How was your experience?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

YouTube Summer Nails - Water Marble

What and awesome summer mani idea! I have really wanted to try marbling my nails. I don't know what my boyfriend would say if I attempted this. He already looks at me funny when I get ready for my manicure. Yes I may have an arsenal of tools and bottles of polish laid out for final selection but a girl must have options right? My Simple Little Pleasures is an awesome nail blog and I love reading her posts! Make sure you check her site out. 

Have you tried this before? Good? Bad?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mani Minute: OPI Pink Overload

Wanted to show you my new manicure. I really love the pink OPI That's Berry Darling and Katy Perry OPI Teenage Dream is such a fun sparkle topcoat. The only downside of the sparkly polish is the removal. I really need some good polishes for summer. I am anxiously awaiting my OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Collection. I hope there are some great summer colors!

That's Berry Darling

Katy Perry Collection: Teenage Dream

What are some of your go-to favorite colors for summer?

Monday, May 23, 2011

New Obsession: OPI Drip Dry

Photo Courtesy of

My new obsession is OPI Drip Dry - Lacquer Drying Drops. I hate waiting for my polish to dry it's my least favorite part. I bought the mini bottle of Drip Dry a few months ago. I used every last drop of it and had to have more. It makes your nails dry within 2 minutes. It makes them completely hard within 5 minutes which is AMAZING! I have used this on all my mani's and it has dried up to 6 coats of polish within 5 minutes! You can purchase OPI Drip Dry at ($9.99/0.3oz).

OPI Black Shatter and China Glaze Golden Enchantment

I have never layered over my shatters but decided sparkles would be perfect. I started with two coats of OPI Glitzerland. I applied a coat of China Glaze Golden Enchantment. I then used my OPI Black Shatter. I finished the look off with another coat of Golden Enchantment. I always use two top coats with my shatters to give them a more smooth look.

What colors are you trying with your shatter!

Mani Minute: Crushed Candy Crackle over Shocking Pink(Neon) By China Glaza

I wanted to try the new Cotton Candy Crackly Glaze by China Glaze that my mom got me but was stumped as to what color to pair it with. I thought that the neon could be tamed down a bit by the Crackle. It's very 80's. The pictures do no justice my boyfriend said they they were like optical illusions because they were so bright. Definitely will be doing this Mani this summer!