Friday, August 26, 2011

Wet n Wild - The Wonder Yellows

Today I have just a quick post as I am still visiting with my mom! I have Wet n Wild The Wonder Yellows. This polish is pretty fantastic and so is the name! I have seen my fair share of Wonder Years reruns. I always liked that show I wish they still had it on. This yellow polish is so pretty it is a yellow foil polish that has a shine like no other. The glitter in this is very fine and really sparkles in the sun. Something about bright yellow nails that just make you happy!

This is two coats of Wet n Wild The Wonder Yellows. There is a slight VNL but I don't mind when the polish is this pretty. I can not wait to use this in a great water marble or splatter mani.

**Polish Sent for Review


  1. Wow it's like a ray of sunshine! My bedroom is painted this color! Love it!

  2. it looks really gold here, its very pretty nonetheless
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