Thursday, October 27, 2011

13 Days of Halloween Nails - Day #10 - Ghost & Franken

Hi Guys! A little late of a post today but I had some homework to do. I also sucked it up and went to work today with my back completely out. Let me tell you that was fun! I have for you today a ghostly mani I did using one of my first frankens ever! I started off with a base of Essie Midnight Cami that a fellow blogger Bottle and Bottles of Polish gave me. I then added a coat of my first franken ever that still remains nameless. I made this franken using the bottles of silver holographic glitter that Fantasy Makers had for sale at various places. I actually picked mine up from Walgreen's and of last check they still had some. I barely even used any of the glitter and I have made 3 frankens already. The bottle I am holding in the photo is the franken I used for my ghostly mani. It is just clear base and sparkles. The polish does settle quite a bit (like after a min. actually) but I added some BB's and all is well in franken world.

Essie Midnight Cami - Blue Base
Un-named Franken - Glitter Topper
Wet n Wild Black Creme, White Creme - Ghost
I made my little ghostly friend up there by using a bobby pin. I wanted him to have a little personality so I gave him a face! I wanted my ghost to look like the ghost in Mario Bros., the ones that chase you if you look away. I know you guys remember what I am talking about. They always sucked, especially when you would grab a drink right before a world started and next thing you know you died because you weren't looking at the ghost. Brings back memories!