Friday, March 30, 2012

Half Moon Mani with Flakies!

I am back!! Sorry last week was spring break and I seriously took the week off from my laptop. That meant not posting but I have some awesome mani's to show you. I also have bought some super awesome polishes that I can not wait to show you. Well on to what I have for you today. I have seen this mani floating around the Internet as well as Pinterest. It is a half moon mani with flakies. As if the half moon mani wasn't cool enough let's throw flakies into the mix! Yes, Please!
Pretty awesome right?! This is Wet n Wild Black Creme with Finger Paints Special Effects Twisted. I will try and post more later on tonight or tomorrow. Be sure and follow my Facebook page as I might have something exciting going on this weekend.


  1. Wauw those flackes are beautiful.
    That's a beautiful idea .
    The flakes are from a polish?
    That's something what i have to find somewere :p


  2. Were dit you get that polish??
    xx Iris

    1. I got it at Sally's. Sadly it is no longer available. I think picture polish has one similar.

  3. The design and combo look amazing together!