Monday, January 2, 2012

Wet n Wild Week - Believe Me, It's Real

So enough of being lazy! I am back with Wet n Wild Week. I have so many un-trieds in my stash and the majority of them are Wet n Wilds. Not because I don't like them but because I have so many of them. Now when Wet n Wild announced the Color Icon Ice Baby Collection I was stalking my Walgreen's until I got my hands on them. I had my choice of all the colors but only ended up choosing three. I have to limit myself somewhere. I also would have bought more but for the price I thought they were pretty small. That all being said I love the colors I picked out. This polish is Believe Me, It's Real which is a fine deep blue glitter with small purple glitter mixed in. These are my two favorite colors in one polish so it is a win! This is three coats of Believe Me, It's Real and one coat of Seche.

What polishes did you end up picking from this collection?


  1. I love this one! I have yet to wear it though. I grabbed about 4 of these!

  2. I hope they have this color near me. It would be great for a pedicure.

  3. Let's polish some nailsJanuary 3, 2012 at 2:18 PM

    This one is gorgeous :)
    And to answer your question at the bottom of the post - none, these polishes are not available in Bosnia :)

    Hope you don’t mind me posting a link here, I just wanted to invite you to join my nail polish giveaway :)