Friday, January 27, 2012

Orly - Fowl Play

Sorry for lack there of posts. I was under the weather but I am feeling great once again. Today I have to show you, Orly Fowl Play. I, like most lacquer heads had to have this polish when it first came out. I was not in luck finding it at Ulta as it was always sold-out every time I went there. I actually received this as a gift from the boyfriend for Christmas. I got it in the 3 pack set with Lucky Duck, Sweet Peacock, and Fowl Play. I have yet to try the rest but I love fowl play. I had it on a total of 5 days which in my world is A LOT! Fowl Play is a eggplant jelly polish with silver and blue glitter as well as some flakies! The flakies have the same color change effect as Essie Shine of the Times or Finger Paints Flashy.
I am in love!

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