Thursday, January 19, 2012

Barry M - Croc Effects

So this is a polish I purchased from Claire because my mom is in love with shatter and I thought she would like this polish a lot. I of course ordered a bottle for myself and have tested it out quite a few times but finally found an application I liked. I layered this polish over my Nails Inc. mani. The Nails Inc. is not why I had so much trouble with this Croc Effects polish I think it is all due to the consistency of the polish.
 First off the polish has hardly any smell which is weird. The polish is very finicky and likes to be layered over wet polish which is where I had issues. I layered it over several different colored polishes and they all cracked different and none of them resembled crocodile. I then had a stroke of genius and decided to try it on my swatch wheel with a regular old clear polish. I actually chose Wet n Wild clear nail protector and layered a super thin layer of Barry M. Croc Effects. I waited about 45 seconds to layer my Croc Effects over the clear and it worked pretty well. Fast forward to my nails where I used the same technique and it worked really well. I will have to try this polish again soon against a color that makes it pop more. It's definitely something new in the crackle/shatter family.


  1. I like this, it looks different to the usual shatter/crackle polishes, nice to mix it up x

  2. They look great, I'm definitely going to pay Barry M a visit next week. They have such an amazing range of colours at the moment too.

  3. I've seen someone on youtube drying it with a hairdryer and that seemed to work better. I need to try it again, this looks great! On me it looked a mess and I love shatter!