Friday, October 14, 2011

OPI DS Designer!!!

Here is another one of my great finds from my b-day trip. I got this polish for FREE!(as a gift) and I could not be happier. It is only a half bottle so basically it is like liquid gold and must be layered to conserve it. I had no idea what to layer this over and then my bf chimed in "what about the tan from the Texas Collection you have". I was floored when he told me what polish to use and he was actually totally correct. He is awesome! I used two coats of OPI San Tan-Tonio and one coat of OPI DS Designer.

I really like the look of the DS Holos. I like the more scattered holo effect as compared to the linear. I like this polish a lot because it is such a classic color with a totally modern twist. I need to keep an eye out for a full bottle of this baby! I love her so and it still feels like a crime to remove this polish :(