Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My First Deborah Lippmann!!

I won a giveaway!! Miss Mele had a $25 Apothica gift card giveaway and I won. I had no hesitation when it came to what I was going to buy, DEBORAH LIPPMANN! I debated between Lady Sings the Blues and Across the Universe. Lady sings the blues eventually won out and I purchased it immediately. My polish came super fast and I could not wait to use it. My first attempt at using this polish was not so successful so this is actually my second attempt weeks later! The glitter in this polish seems to have a mind of its own. Sorry for the tip wear. I started typing up a paper after I painted my long nails. Yes these are long for me. I cut my nails not too long after this photo was taken. I just feel dangerous with nails this long. I ♥ my nubbins.

This polish is a dark navy creme with silver hex glitter and square silver micro glitter. I liked how the blue laid over some of the big square silver glitter pieces in a light way that made them look lilac. This polish was almost a one coater if you didn't have to fidget with the glitter so much.

I could not resist myself I had to matte these. I really liked them matte. You should have seen my bf's face when I told him what I was going to do. He could not understand why I would matte sparkles. Kind of a oxymoron but I think it makes them sparkle more. I am already planning my next Deborah Lippmann buy. I really am anxious to see stairway to heaven as well as her other sparklers for the holidays! They are just around the corner. Wal-Mart had Christmas lights out last week!


  1. I liked it better before the matte!

  2. That is so pretty!

  3. Big difference with the matte finish. I usually don't like matte but the finish made the polish/nails gorgeous!