Saturday, October 15, 2011

Mini Haul!! Lynnderella's and Muppets!

Finally got my nail mail I had been anticipating. I went in with a group of girls for a Lynnderella buy and I also got a great gift from my mommy! On to the photos...

I have Connect the Dots on my nails right now! It is such a cool polish. I am still on the fence about snow angel but I have not even used it, so what am I talking about!(I thought it had more flakies)

Getting Miss Piggy With It. Fresh Frog of Bel Air, Divine Swine

Gone Gonzo!, Excuse Moi!, Rainbow Connection

Meep-Meep-Meep Gift Set with Lip Gloss, Warm & Fozzie

Well that is all for today! I hope you guys are having a great weekend. Remember Tuesday will start the beginning of 13 Days of Halloween Nail Art. I can not wait to show you what I have created! 


  1. Love the nail mail, looking forward to seeing what u do with the Snow Angel !

  2. I love Lynderella's glitters. They rule. I have Snow Angel and it really is gorgeous, on. :D

    Would your mom like another daughter? :D ;) lol

  3. So jelaous of the Lynderella connect the dots I want it BAD! Your mom rocks!

  4. Gooooosh i love OPI ♥

  5. The Muppets collection is already out? If so I need to go to a store asap!!