Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wet n Wild - How I Met Your Magenta

So I had this and some other polishes arrive in the mail yesterday and I could not wait to put this on my nails! I got the remover straight out and went to work.  This color is a bright pink shade with a gold shimmer. It reminds me of some polishes I have seen recently that I could not afford. Wet n Wild How I Met Your Magenta is from the Wet n Wild Fast Dry line. The polishes deliver on the fast dry even thought they do dry to a matte finish. But I'm a topcoat kind of gal with even the shiniest polishes so it does not bother me. The polish was a thin consistency I have two coats in the photo below. Next time I wear this shade which I will, I will put it on top a opaque white or silver that I own. Overall I love this polish and will be wearing it again soon!

Did I mention I already put this on my toes too! It's so pretty!
What do you guys think?

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Polish sent for review.


  1. Amy imfeelingnail-venturousJuly 14, 2011 at 11:54 AM

    That is a very pretty color!

  2. This is gorgeous. It it colour accurate? if so, I think I may need to run out and get it.

  3. Yes it is I took like 30 photos and finally found a setting that made it sparkle and was color accurate. Just made my skin look a bit green. It's a great color!