Friday, July 15, 2011

Wet n Wild Checkerboard Nails

I got inspired by Gotham Nails post about her trip to Bloomingdales. I already had white nails from my summertime mani so I decided to try out my first tape mani. Now I am not an expert at this by no means so go to Gotham nails post link I provided becase she has the "tape masters" links at the bottom of her posts. It's like the blind leading the blind over here at the Polish Diary!

To be honest I scared myself with this one. It was actually super easy. I just cut small squares of tape and placed them on my nails and painted my favorite black (Wet n Wild Black Creme) that goes on in one coat. I then pulled the paint off. I will tell you that what I learned is to pull the tape off ass soon as you get your design painted. Do not allow to dry because it ruins the design when you go to pull it off.  I also submitted this design for the Wet n Wild Summer Giveaway Contest you can see the entry form here. You can follow them on Twitter at @wetnwildbeauty and while you are there follow me @ThePolishDiary.


  1. Amy imfeelingnail-venturousJuly 15, 2011 at 3:09 PM


  2. I love these. saved to try again
    BreezeyBee Blog

  3. Your nails look great! I love the checkerboard design combined with the bright color! Isn't WnW's Black Creme THE best?! I will definitely try this mani!

  4. i love how neat the checkerboards are!! :) great blog im your new follower hope you'll follow back :)

  5. Yes it is the best black polish I have found!

  6. I followed the link. Fragrancia? Right