Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sally Hansen - Mellow Yellow

My first yellow polish! I have never bought a yellow polish in the past because I didn't want my nails to look like they are painted with a hi-lighter. I found this creamy yellow shade at Wal-Mart the other day and had to have it. I must confess I fell in love with swatches of Chanel's Mimosa that were circulating around the blogosphere. This color is almost identical to the Chanel polish. Most swatches for Chanel tend to lean a little brighter yellow but it looks creamy like SH Mellow Yellow in the bottle. I found that Mellow Yellow would darken up if it had a top coat on it. My photo below contains no top coat.

This polish was a tad streaky as you can tell from the photos. Most of my Sally Hansen polishes are flawless in two coats. This baby was not the same consistency as the others. It was a tad more runnier than most of my other SH polishes. I still like it and it did amazing in a water marble that I tried today that turned out fabulous! Can't wait to show you. I will try to have that post up by the end of the week.

What is your favorite yellow polish?

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  1. i love it, atleast urs is a decent colour when multiple coats are applied, my barry m yellow just wont look good on its own! i have to add a glitter polish on top to make it pretty even tho its such a lovely yellow :(

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