Wednesday, July 13, 2011

OPI vs Finger Paints

Today I wanted to show you some polishes that I have that are very similar. When I received the mini OPI Katy Perry Collection I was a tad bit disappointed because this pink is very similar to ones that I personally own. I have two Finger Paints polishes that are very close in color to OPI The One That Got Away. The two Finger Paints polishes are LE Tropical Girl from the 2007 Island Girl Collection and Sketched & Etched. I could not find much info on Sketched & Etched other than Finger Paints made another polish called Sketched N Etched that is a green color.

You can tell from the photo that OPI The One That Got Away is a tad darker that the other two. Finger Paints Tropical Girl is still my fave fuchsia/pink that I own. I fell in love with the color 4 years ago and the love is still there.

What are your favorite pinks?

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  1. i see what you mean. but the colours are still amazing, they look slightly red on the picture tho :/