Sunday, July 24, 2011

Finger Paints - Art You Wondering?

Happy Sunday to everyone. Today I have for you a new polish I picked up at Sally's the other day. Finger Paints were buy two get one free. I actually debated over this color for far too long. I have no idea what I was thinking because this polish is amazing!

Art You Wondering? is made up of aqua and sea foam green glitter.

Blurred for sparklevision

I used 3 coats of Art You Wondering?, and one coat of Seche Vite! I finally got my first bottle of Seche the other day and I have to say I am in love. I'm kinda pissed I did not find out about this stuff earlier. I also learned that Seche and OPI Drip Dry do not mix. I always use my Drip Dry but I have found it is very temperamental with other brand's top coats. I later found out, after I ruined that mani, that I don't even need it. It dries so fast!

What is your go-to top coat for everyday?


  1. Art you Wondering is a really pretty green polish. I really like polishes with glitter or shimmer. I use Seche Vite top coat. It really speeds up the drying. I heard so many bloggers talking about it that I finally bought it.

  2. Yea I know I felt out of the loop too and had to get some

  3. That's such a gorgeous colour! Unusual too, I haven't seen many sea foam green glitters elsewhere.
    I just use Rimmel Pro Super Wear topcoat. It's a decent top coat but isn't one of the fast drying ones... I want to try Orly Sec 'N' Dry though.

  4. I have seen the Orly at Sallys but I decided to splurge. The Seche was like 7.00 but it dries just as fast as my OPI top coat and Drip Dry. I just want a giant bottle of any clear coat. I feel like I go through it do fast!

  5. Wildflower BeautyJuly 24, 2011 at 8:32 PM

    I love this polish. I've personally never had a problem with Seche and OPI Drip Dry, however I usually use Seche and Orly FlashDry.