Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Blog Awards!

So let me first start this post off by thanking all of my followers. If you have a blog and it is linked to your GFC or you have sent me the link I'm following you. And if I am not sent me your link in a email or link it to me on twitter @ThePolishDiary. I would love to see them. You guys give me inspiration everyday to try something new and I am learning so much!

Now on to the awards. First of all I will say I should have done these a long time ago. I'm sorry. The first of my awards was given to me by Ina at My Nail Polish Online. Her blog is amazing and she has some holo polishes that I would die for!

My next blog award is from Paint that nail. This girl has some amazing nail art on her site and some great tutorials. My favorite mani of hers is a water marble that she did that looked like a orange. A delicious orange at that! Thank you so much Paint that nail.
My last award came courtesy of Emily at Meme loves. She is a relatively new blogger and if you do not follow her you should check out her page. Thanks Emily for the award I really appreciate it!

1. Link the person back who awarded you
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Answer the following questions below
4. Award this to 15 bloggers

  1. I live in a tourist town and work at a Titanic Museum and I know way to much about that damn boat.
  2. I can be really shy, most people say they think I'm being bitchy?!?
  3. I always wanted to be a teacher but chose accounting instead. I plan to teach accounting when I have my degree. The best of both worlds!
  4. I love to read and me and the girls at work have like a library of books that circulate between all of us!
  5. I have a huge collection of shoes! My BF works for Nike, who also owns Converse, and lets just say they line the walls in our room!
  6. Obsessed with HGTV! Can't wait to own my own home and decorate it the way I want to.
  7. I love to shop. It could be a full time job!

Name your favorite color-  Blue
Name your favorite song- At the moment: just got new Beyonce CD. I am loving all the songs.
Name your favorite dessert- Ice cream! Andy's Ice Cream is my fave.
What pisses you off-  People who treat me like I'm stupid. Chances are I am smarter than them.
When you upset you-  I cry. I'm a crybaby!
Your favorite pet-  don't really have any pets at the moment.
Black or white- black
Your biggest fear-  anyone dying close to me
Best feature- my eyes & my hair
Everyday attitude-  positive outlook
What is perfection-  if anyone finds out let me know.
Guilty pleasure- All those damned Bravo Housewives shows. I love them all

I am giving all of these awards to.. All my lovely followers. I get all my inspiration from you guys. I love reading every ones randoms and questions so if you would like to pass the award tags on feel free to do so. I appreciate all of your comments. You guys are so kind and I am really enjoying this!

Stephanie B.

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