Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mini Haul & Storage Solution

So I adventured out to the ol' Wal-Mart today and found some new goodies. I always scour the polish isles to see if anything catches my eye and I had to practically get on my knees to find these beauties from the Love My Nails Brand. Some Wal-Mart's carry the brand and some do not. Luckily I have 3 Wal-Marts within a 5 mile radius. The best thing about the Love My Nails Brand is that the polish is extremely cheap. Were talking ONE DOLLAR cheap!
From L-R Violets Are Blue; Star Bright; All That; Crystal.

Violets Are Blue - Clear base with iridescent glitter and teal/blue and purple heart glitter.

Star Bright - Pink-ish clear base with small pink glitter and silver and purple glitter stars.

All That - Purple tinted clear base with silver, purple, and holo glitter! (The sparkliness was too much for my camera)

Crystal - Clear base with iridescent small flecks and large hexagon silver holo glitter pieces.
I also found some storage for my growing polish collection. I have a dream of having my own mani/pedi station when I have my own home but for the mean time I have to be practical. I found this small 3-drawer plastic storage bin at Wal-Mart for $9.

While I had envisioned something that actually held my polishes upright I like that they are laying down so I can see all the colors. I thought I would have extra room in these but I filled it right up. Guess I will need more:). It truly is an addiction!

Sorry for the picture heavy post! What creative storage ideas have you guys found helpful?

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  1. Nice! I love your OPI collection, especially that gorgeous green :)